Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cross Country

ome a place and be a winner like everyone else but I was feeling tired and weary.
At the end I sprinted and still came a place but I never came first better luck next year I said.

On Wednesday the 25th of August we had our school cross country. While we were waiting for our, race the ten year old girls, we had to cheer with house bannerss that room 19 made to cheer the audience up.
As the race was just about to start we were all feeling nervous and I was also very cold and numb. Before we ran we had to wait for the big clap that went like this BANG!! That's when we had the chance to start. Inside I was feeling really scared and nervous because everyone was cheering and I screaming but then I ran.When I got around the corner I was extremely puffed and I couldn't catch up but I tried to and and I did, and when I did I all of a sudden I spewed.
I couldn't take it anymore so then I told the teacher and she said just walk, you'll eventually come a place and be a winner like everyone else. But I was feeling tired and weary.
At the end I sprinted and still came a place but I never came first. Better luck next year I said.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A New School

Yesterday was my first day at Point England School. It was cool at first but then we had to stop what we were doing and wait for a couple of boys to stop talking. My friends names are, Lola, Heather,Ashleigh and in my new class I feel very welcome because my class mates are being kind and helpful to me I really like Point England I am a type of person who loves to give help to people who need it. In the weekend me and my family came to see if we could book a appointment to in roll me and my brother to Point England School. Today I am at Point England school.

Auckland Blues

In the weekend my family and I are going up North to watch my uncle Manase play rugby union.When we get there we are going to stay at a motel. The minute we first heard this exciting news we had big celebration with my family.You don’t know how lucky he really was.My Nana works at Eastridge New World in the bakery and she gave him a present,the present was the most expensive pair of rugby boots and an Auckland rugby union cake.Well I really hope he does well in his first game with the team,and lets hope he gets player of the day!!