Monday, November 26, 2012


My aeroplane crashed and I laid on the sand screaming for HELP, after hours and hours no help had arrived...I could feel in my right shoulder cuts and bruises that may have been caused from the accident.

As I opened my eyes the sun shone so bright that  all I could see was a big yellow puffy thing.  I quickly got up in shock totally lost as I didn’t know where I was. “ HELP HELP!” I shouted.

It had been 2days and I still remain stranded on some sort of Island, nothing to do but sit and wait for help. I could hear strange noises coming from a place nearby so I quickly got up and followed through, I looked over the bush and I saw a lot of people chattering away. I jumped over the bush and asked “ Excuse me I’m lost and can anyone help? “ everyone went quiet and they all giggled to themselves  until the owner , who had been a producer from a television program called “ Pranked” and he said you just got “ Pranked!!” I just stood there looking depressed it was definitely a day to remember.

Thank's to Vanila for editing my work for me:)

Manakalani Film Festival 2012

After getting off the bus at Sylvia Park , we all assembled next to the stairs right outside the Cinema’s! The seniors from our school  had to wait for at least 5 minutes before entering the Hoyt’s because we had arrived a bit early,

As we entered the Cinema, Mr Harris guided us to our seats. Then suddenly the lights went out and it was pitch black, You could only hear and see the person who was standing on this little stage right at the front , Presenting their class movie!  

There were some awesome movies that we watched some were even really hilarious, my favourite movie , which was my highlight had to be , The Test! by room 18, Pt `England School.

I really enjoyed going to the Manaiakalani Film Festival and can’t wait to go next year!

Friday, November 16, 2012


I was shivering! As the wind was brushing past me very quickly, I could smell the chlorine from a distance and it smelt very unusual!

But anyway, one by one Channel and I made our way up the stairs to jump into the pool!  As we jumped in I quickly dived under as that was the best option to feel warm.  After getting use to the pool’s temperature we practiced a few drill’s of freestyling, backstroke and diving under!

I had so much fun at swimming, and I can’t wait to go back next time!

Last Summer!!

One day before Aneisha and Chanel decided to go on holiday, they were out shopping at the mall for clothes.

They had several choices on places to go but for some reason they both agreed on going to the beach house. The only problem was the only way they could get to their destination was to drive there by car!

After hours and hours, Aneisha just couldn’t stop complaining “ It’s too hot! “ BE QUIET!!! Chanel shouted . The heat was just ridiculous it was making both of them , grumpy and upset. Finally they arrived at the beach house, but the weather did not change it was still burning hot outside it was just really annoying. But then suddenly out of nowhere you could hear little drops on the tin roof, “What’s that?? asked Chanel! “ I don’t know replied Aneisha! the drops on the roof became louder and louder and then Aneisha and Chanel looked out the window and it was raining so they ran outside with excitement and were running around relieved that it wasn’t sunny anymore.

Free Typing!

This week I have been practising to improve on my typing skill's and here are the certificates I have earned this week.