Monday, May 30, 2011

My Favourite Rugby League Player

Hey do you have a favorite rugby league player? I do my favorite player is Darren Lockyer he is the captain of the Brisbane Broncos, Kangaroos , and Queensland. He is my favorite player because
he is a great sportsman and he supports his team mates when they are down and need help. One day I want to go and see him again I have only met him twice after every game at Mt Smart he is always hiding about in the bus and once he came out to take a photo with me and then he had to go it was sad to see him leave but he had to go. I went to Brisbane to see Brisbane broncos and Storms have a face off in the Grand Final and Happily we WON!! The crowd jumping and screaming Broncos ,Broncos one half were saying that and the other were saying Storms ,storms
after the game we stayed at our aunties for the night. Now that Darren Lockyer is retiring I think it is a good idea because now he has a son that needs him for his care but Darren Lockyer will always be a star in my heart no matter what. Me and Te Rina Love you forever go Queensland

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Origin Team

This is a slide show I made of My favourite team QUEENSLAND!!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our Visitor From USA

Mrs Rogers is a beautiful young lady with a really cool act sent from USA she was a visitor but now she is part of the Pt England Family she is in our class for three days but at our school for nine. I really admire her because she is really kind just like our teacher and when she leaves it will be so sad to see her go. She is really talented just like all the rest of us.

One Day I would love to be like her she goes to a school a university school in USA, she loves books and is really quiet but shes extremely nice to talk to so if you ever see her go up and say hello. Pt England School is so lucky to have the visitors so we have to treat them with respect where ever we are You are like another sister to us Mrs Rogers and you will always be one.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Volcano In Iceland

On Sunday in Iceland there was a powerful volcano that was flinging ash everywhere and steam miles into the air. Its exploded a thick layer of gray smoke in an eruption much more powerful than last years. People in Iceland reacted in a bad way because they were scared and felt unsafe in a country that they lived in. I feel sorry for their country now that they have to cancel things that they were going to do because of it.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Last week on Thursday afternoon we had a go at making a tower out of paper. Our class had to find two or more people to work with. My first option was Lola and my second was Mary v. We created a tower with 8 pieces of thin paper, 1 meter of sellotape, 1 pair of scissors and 1 glue stick. It was very tiring at first but we got threw it. Lola was laughing and cracking jokes like a comedian. She made us laugh really loud. It made our tower weaker and weaker but made our laugh stronger and stronger. The feet of our tower was shaped like a triangle which is called a tripod. A tripod makes the object stand or hold more strongly.

Monday, May 9, 2011


It would be awesome if you could help the people of Christchurch! Here are some awesome ideas:
  • Sponsor a person in Christchurch and if you can, donate some food and clothes to them.
  • You could also donate some blankets, pillows and water proof mats.
  • We can also make a difference by printing a sheet and take it around to collect some money and send it to them. Then you could write a get well card and send it to all of them in Christchurch
  • We could raise some money so we can buy some t shirts that say donation for Christchurch please help.
  • My last idea was to ask some of our classmates to go around the school collecting the money for our dress up day

My Family Acrosic Poem

Family love

F amilys always care for you
nywhere you are they will always love you
M ums and dads look after you no matter if your bad or good
I ll love my family forever
Love and care makes you grow stronger with faith in you
Yeah my family loves me
L ove is a very strong for me
O hh my mother needs help I am going to help her
Very lovely she says my mother is sharing the love to me

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

This is a video of room 16 making towers.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Basic Facts

This is my basic facts for this week.


Hey do you have a favourite singer? I do. My favourite singers are Nicky Minaj and Lateeya. They are my favourite singers because their songs inspire me when I am sad and lonely. But my favourite singers basically have nothing in common only that they are both famous. Nicky Minaj is a female rapper and Lateeya writes song that are based on what she thinks other people should know. One day I want to be like Nicky Minaj and Lateeya, I also want to have the best song out and to be the best female rapper.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Holiday in Brisbane

During my holidays I was extremely excited for my first week in Brisbane. As soon as we arrived I shouted out hello Brisbane, then my mum told me to be quiet.

Before we left I was in a lot of tears at the airport because the day before I left I was going to stop to Lola’s house but we ran out of time. I was also sad because my Brother and Dad were staying and my Mum and I were going.

We had an awesome time. We went to see the waterfalls and they were humongous. People were taking a lot of pictures, I think they are tourists, but then we received a call from my Dad. He told us that they were eating KFC but then we said we were having the best food out. Ha ha, jokes my Dad said. I really enjoyed it there and next time I go ill get something for everyone!