Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Character Description about ' My Cousin Letusa'

Lanky, Tall, Slim and Scary well those are the main things that describe my , Goofy looking cousin ' Letusa'  He is quiet most times,  but when surrounded by  family loud is all you hear from him. Tusa is quite rough in ways and kind as well. Its fair to say that my cousin ( Tusa) is real competitive when it comes to sports but who isn' t right?  Tusa enjoys all physicial things and would rather train then to watch or play inside games.  Kick boxing is the main sport in Tusa's life he trains nearly every single minute of the day to prefect his skills you can tell from the moment he starts training that he is very passionate and very serious about what he is going to be in the future. He looks up to people who compete in the UFC ( Ultimate Fighting Championship ).  I've known my cousin nearly all my life  and the one thing I know for sure is that we sure do love our sports, As we were growing up we played in the same Rugby League Team for ' Otahuhu '  we  played for the club for a  few years  then we went our separate ways and now we are both doing totally diffrent things . I really do wish him the best  with his kick boxing and hopefully he will make it his profession oneday.

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