Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Expectations for 2013.

Next year I will participate more in school events, I will be more responsible , reliable and more committed to the school, most of all I will try my best to be a school leader and I will step up towards my expectations as I will be a year 8.

Monarch Butterfly

Did you know that a Monarch Butterfly is  beautiful, colourful and graceful butterfly out of all butterflies .Monarch butterflies go through four generations each year, the first three generations live up to six weeks but the fourth generation lives  six  to eight months.

Most people think that Monarch Butterflies go through two stages of life the cocoon stage and the butterfly stage but what people don’t know is that the Monarch Butterfly actually goes through four stages in their life cycle.

Monday, November 26, 2012


My aeroplane crashed and I laid on the sand screaming for HELP, after hours and hours no help had arrived...I could feel in my right shoulder cuts and bruises that may have been caused from the accident.

As I opened my eyes the sun shone so bright that  all I could see was a big yellow puffy thing.  I quickly got up in shock totally lost as I didn’t know where I was. “ HELP HELP!” I shouted.

It had been 2days and I still remain stranded on some sort of Island, nothing to do but sit and wait for help. I could hear strange noises coming from a place nearby so I quickly got up and followed through, I looked over the bush and I saw a lot of people chattering away. I jumped over the bush and asked “ Excuse me I’m lost and can anyone help? “ everyone went quiet and they all giggled to themselves  until the owner , who had been a producer from a television program called “ Pranked” and he said you just got “ Pranked!!” I just stood there looking depressed it was definitely a day to remember.

Thank's to Vanila for editing my work for me:)

Manakalani Film Festival 2012

After getting off the bus at Sylvia Park , we all assembled next to the stairs right outside the Cinema’s! The seniors from our school  had to wait for at least 5 minutes before entering the Hoyt’s because we had arrived a bit early,

As we entered the Cinema, Mr Harris guided us to our seats. Then suddenly the lights went out and it was pitch black, You could only hear and see the person who was standing on this little stage right at the front , Presenting their class movie!  

There were some awesome movies that we watched some were even really hilarious, my favourite movie , which was my highlight had to be , The Test! by room 18, Pt `England School.

I really enjoyed going to the Manaiakalani Film Festival and can’t wait to go next year!

Friday, November 16, 2012


I was shivering! As the wind was brushing past me very quickly, I could smell the chlorine from a distance and it smelt very unusual!

But anyway, one by one Channel and I made our way up the stairs to jump into the pool!  As we jumped in I quickly dived under as that was the best option to feel warm.  After getting use to the pool’s temperature we practiced a few drill’s of freestyling, backstroke and diving under!

I had so much fun at swimming, and I can’t wait to go back next time!

Last Summer!!

One day before Aneisha and Chanel decided to go on holiday, they were out shopping at the mall for clothes.

They had several choices on places to go but for some reason they both agreed on going to the beach house. The only problem was the only way they could get to their destination was to drive there by car!

After hours and hours, Aneisha just couldn’t stop complaining “ It’s too hot! “ BE QUIET!!! Chanel shouted . The heat was just ridiculous it was making both of them , grumpy and upset. Finally they arrived at the beach house, but the weather did not change it was still burning hot outside it was just really annoying. But then suddenly out of nowhere you could hear little drops on the tin roof, “What’s that?? asked Chanel! “ I don’t know replied Aneisha! the drops on the roof became louder and louder and then Aneisha and Chanel looked out the window and it was raining so they ran outside with excitement and were running around relieved that it wasn’t sunny anymore.

Free Typing!

This week I have been practising to improve on my typing skill's and here are the certificates I have earned this week.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


'There once lived a little girl in a castle as big as this, she was very curious about her castle but she only came to  notice that now as strange things started happening. She grew up in a life of ease seeing that she was the only child in the family. At night she would hear strange noises in the basement but when she checked there was nothing there  was only an old mattress and the old fireplace.

One night she was found lurking in the dark by her father “ Nia! ”he shouted
“Yes Father” she replied “ What are you doing down here? “ Nia just stood there in shock as she didn’t know what to say “ Ummmm Goodnight Father!! ”   she said quietly, “ GOODNIGHT!” he replied!

Next day, she decided to ask her mother why the basement was so noisy at night? and then the mother replied! “ Awww Honey! it’s just the animals that live down there” and as Nia stood there thinking to herself “ Of Course!! I forgot the had pet’s? “ And from that day on he learnt it’s always good to ask if your’e  not sure of something!

Friday, September 28, 2012

" Free Speech"

This week I have been reading a article about Why " Russia And Saudi May Block YouTube!
This had happened on Monday this week, Hundreds of people from were taken to the streets of Afghanistan  and that's when they set fire to Buildings, houses and also cars. 

This had all happened because the Americans had put up a YouTube video, which had offended the people of Islam.

Stomach Churning!

As the rollercoaster raced past as fast as a train , I knew I couldn't hold on any longer I just felt like letting go!

It was the most scariest thing that I have ever been on, it got worse as soon as we hit the corner of the roller coaster track. The girl next to me screamed and then barfed all over my clothes. I just kept screaming out 

" NOOOOOOO!!” then finally it stopped. I was relieved first of all because it stopped and secondly I was safe.

After that moment, that’s when I knew that was the first and last time, I was ever going to go on a roller coaster!!

Thankyou to Athena Vili and Vanila Faamausili for checking my work:)

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Photo Of My Cat

Missing the moments I had with my cat. I wish he could come back. I miss how he used to run, jump, and meow all the time. Pussycat please come home...

My cat  finally came home, and as it layed in my arms I quickly grabbed the camera and took a photo of him. He looked so sad, I have never seen him like this. I wish he had never ran off. He was so hungry, I don't think he ran away I think he got lost.

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Argument Against Smoking!

Did you know 3,000 children each day smoke their first cigarette?

Smoking can cause heart disease, lung cancer and so much more.

My personal opinion about smoking and the long term effects that it can cause to your health is that its an unnecessary habit. Smoking cigarettes whether it be socially or regularly is a very bad habit to fall into, even though those who smoke now have heard all the warning signs and ads on the television showing them what could potentially happen to them if they start or continue smoking. They  tend to ignore the facts because they are addicted and an addiction without the proper help and support is very hard to beat. I don’t understand how people who smoke can hear or read the words “causes cancer and can kill” and still continue to do something that eventually will lead to death. Our generation now as children should be educated early in life about the consequences of smoking so we can learn to kick the habit and not let it take part in our future.
We should ban smoking because all it does is put our lives at risk for us human beings. I have tried to persuade you by helping me stop smoking for all people, and if you agree lets make a change and put a stop to this!

Thank you to Dakota for editing my work for me!

Monday, August 27, 2012


As I looked up to the sky my tears came down as my Grandma had just past away. It was a very sad lost for my family as she was one of our closest member, It all started like this. I was just in year 3 as my mother picked me up from school in deep tears, I asked her “ What Happened? she said “ I'll explain later” then as we arrived home there we a lot of family over, I was really confused.  As I got closer my mother said” Grandma died today” and I immediately  bursted into tears, shortly after the ambulance arrived  they took my Grandma  into the van. This is when I had a dramatic scene with the ambulance driver, I started punching the ambulance man screaming “ Help Her, Help Her” I said these exact words repeatedly. Eventually they had to leave but I wouldn't give up on her without a fight so I jumped into the van and I wouldn't get out, I could see the frustration on my mothers face as she was calling me to come.  

At one point I had to let her go I stopped everything and there was something in my head saying “ She will be in a better place” so then I hopped out of the van and walked away from everyone, On that very day I was angry and sad. Sad because my nana wouldn't be there will us on the dinner table anymore , and angry because we couldn't help her while she was suffering this pain. I felt sorry for my parents and family who had to go through this sort of thing but now that Grandma is in a better place she would have wanted us to be happy and to carry on striving for our dreams.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Jesse Owens,Summary.

There are a lot of great Olympic athletes but somewhere along that line, was a standout athlete named Jesse Owens. Owen's had beaten all the odds and despite what Adolf Hitler had in mind Owen's still competed in the Berlin summer Olympics in 1936.

Jesse Owens was born James Cleveland Owens in Alabama 1913 , Out of 11 children Owen's was the seventh. As a child he was often really ill, Owen's being an energetic child on the playground was one day noticed by a man named Charles Riley, who later became his coach and the one man who changed Owen's life. Owens made his first splash in the athletic  world in 1935 as he set new world records for Long Jump. No athlete has ever been able to achieve this kind of victory Owens had made.

Owens attended the summer olympics in Berlin, amongst all the hatred around him  he still played to the best of his ability and won four consecutive gold medals.

Written by: Jaylee:)

My Gold Medal:)

This Gold Medal was given to me for completing my homework that I had been given for the week.

My Gold Medal:)

This is a gold medal that I have earned by finishing my work in class. This gold medal was given to me by my teacher Mr Harris:) So the more GOLD MEDALS I get the better the chance that I will receive for the championship:)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I have got a gold medal for the first week at school my teacher has given me a Gold Medal for finishing all my work and for " GOING FOR GOLD" 

Great motivation!
On the go!

Fighting for first place.
Once in a life time experience
Right Attitude

Going for gold
Loving the atmosphere
Determined to win!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Paul Elvstrom Is My Inspiration!!

Paul Elvstrom Is My Inspiration.

Paul Elvstrom was one of only three athletes to win four consecutive gold medals in the Olympic Games. He competed in eight olympic games representing the country of Denmark. Paul was awarded a gold medal in 1948 for sailing and for successfully achieving the stunt move called “The Tornado”

He inspires me because he has strived to succeed and has achieved his goal by competing in eight olympic games so he has shown me that you should never give up.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Pt England Art Gallery!!!

Yesterday we were given permission to go and see the art gallery. As we walked in all the art was on display. Some had been stacked, using boxes, others were hanging from the ceiling, the rest was hung on walls and mobile display boards. I thought personally that Mr Jacobsen did a great job as curator organising all the classes art. Pt England School did a marvelous job as well.

Classes all over the school have participated in this event ‘Art Alive’. I particularly‪ liked the junior kids art work, how they had designed they're different pieces of art and all the creative details that had been displayed right above their classes art work.

I really enjoyed going to the art gallery because it really shows that our school Pt England has a artistic ability and you never know it might come to use one day.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When Is It The Right Time To Swear??

In room 19 we have been reading an article about a town in the US. The residents in a small town outside Boston in the United States of America have voted to charge people US$20 for swearing in public.

When is it the right time to swear?

I think personally 9 times out of 10 people are allowed to swear when they accidently drop something. People are most likely to swear when something hasn't exactly gone as they  planned it would.

It is very inappropriate to swear in church or in public but in another way its your mouth and your words,when you swear  people immediately judge you like for instance people will start to think that you are not a very kind person.

So from my point of view my advice to you is to always "THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK"..!!

Thankyou to Vanila and Pesi for helping me with my work.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Go The Broncos!!

I admit I was jealous but what happened at the game was not entirely my fault. It all started like this.  My father had just arrived from work with the tickets in his hands he screamed  "We are going to the Broncos Vs Warriors game "YEAH" we all cheered with excitement as we were immediately on our way to the game. When we arrived at the game we all hopped out of the car all geared up with Broncos gears for instance Broncos scarfs, jerseys , socks , shorts , and jackets. As we arrived at the game we were just on time as the Brisbane Broncos  made there way to the field. As the crowd just suddenly stood up everyone, especially the warriors fans they started throwing cans at my team so then I got really upset and told the girl beside me to stop it.  She said "ohhhh" you wouldn't believe what she said but then I told the security guard on her so I practicly snitched.  So yeah she was out of the stadium and we still got to enjoy a good night of rugby league. So here are some of highlights at the NRL leaugue game.

The game was awesome . My favourite  player's on that night had to be Justin hodges, Ben Teo and the fullback Josh hoffman.  The crowd was really roudy they were all cheering for the Warriors, " Warriors Warriors " it was just ridiculous but standing up there at the west stand was me,  looking out to the field screaming my head off  "Lets go Broncos you go this" but then it was fulltime and my heart just   shaddered as the warriors fans went up and I sat down ,  It was very heartbreaking to see my team loose but other than that I am proud to be a Brisbane Broncos supporter...:)

Thanks to Vanila for helping me edit my work:)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oscar Claude Monet

These are some things I find very interesting about Oscar Claude Monet.

His painting is equally balanced but the diffrence is things are just put in diffrent places.
I really like the colours he has used in this painting shown on my blog it really shows  how  attractive his art work really is .He uses diffrent kinds of strokes and never washes his brush and I think it is a very neat and creative way of blending and mixing colours.

I personally think that Oscar Claude Monet is truly gifted he has is own way or style of painting which makes it his way of painting and in his painting if you look closely you can see a slight movement in the picture.

Click on this link to find further information about Oscar Claude Monet

Monday, April 2, 2012

Games People Play

People like playing physical games such as Rugby, Netball and all sorts of other physical sports. I think personally that sports is a good way to get children and adults into something physical that could get them up in running with their fitness as well.You will eventually achieve having a healthy looking body as well as being a awesome sports player.

I have a certain sport in particular that I am aiming this year to be the best at and that is rugby. I enjoy watching rugby as well as playing the sport, I think is suits be best seeing that I am the right size for it but what I am aiming to do is to be really fit.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I have Achieve This Term?

This term I have achieved learning new things such as things about statistics, Mean median, mode and all the rest. I feel that I have achieved alot this term and hopefully achieve alot more next term.

I would like to thank Athena Villi for checking my work.

Friday, March 23, 2012

My MihiMihi

Kia Ora,

Ko Taupiri te Maunga
Ko Tamaki te Awa
Ko Pt England te Kura
Ko Mr Harris toku Kaiako
Ko Johnny toku Matua
Ko Timmi toku whaea
No Samoa Ahau
E tekau ma lua Oku tau
Ko Jaylee Toku Ingoa.

No Reira Tenakou To Tenakou To Tenakou To Ka Toa

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dear Camp Helpers

Dear Camp Helpers ,

Thank you for helping us at camp, because without your help this camp would not be possible.
You were like a life saver because if you hadn't given up your time we would not have eaten drink en or even watched a movie and all sorts so I would just like to say thank you to all and everyone who helped us have the best camp ever!!!!!!

Kind Regards
Jaylee Nouata

In The weekend

This weekend me and my family are planning on going to the poly fest to support my cousins and uncles who are performing on Saturday.

We are also planning on going to see my grandparents out in Manurewa.

I am so excited I can Hardly wait!!!

Get Well Mr Harris!!!!

Dear, Mr Harris

Your lying around like your old self, But before you know it you will be up and about.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Camp Reflection

WOW!!! I thought The best experience of camp today was being able to travel together as a team to complete the set of instructions given to us by, Mrs Lagitupu and Mr Barks. The activity was called The Amazing Race. It was about a groups of 5 or more traveling to different places to earn a lot of points for our team,Team respect

We also had another activity called box fit. It was mainly about boxing learning the basics like Left Hook, Right Hook and Uppercut. Our instructors were really supportive correcting our mistakes and also being really positive and making it a really fun thing to do.

I actually thought that the old school games were really really cool, It was like every game played had a certain meaning towards everything you did during it. Our Leaders Seini-Mino and Cruz are very positive they stick with us even if we win or loose and they encourage us to do our best.

I had a very great time today at camp and I cant wait until next year

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Being Cyber smart is being wise when surfing the net for information for particular reasons.

When you are online you should never download because there will consequences for downloading legal music or videos.

Being given the opportunity to be on the net for free is very cool so why waste it by downloading when you can just play online games and listen online instead of loosing that oppurtunity by downloading.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Duffy Theater

After morning tea there was a group of entertainers called the Duffy Theater, they were a group of highly performed people that had experience a lot of acting and singing and came to Pt England School to teach us all that its cool to read. They really put on a show there were some laughing and there were some kids from the audience taking part in the show that they had going for us.

My favourite actor was scruffy he was the most hilarious one there he acted as Duffy older brother. He was really desperate for someone to play with so he always bugged Duffy while Duffy was reading the best book in the world.


After a great break we were all eagerly waiting for Mr Harris to come. When he arrived we all jumped up in excitement and off we were to the netball courts.

Our instructor Liz split us into four groups to even out our class. We were also given a instruction to jump over the jumping jack because it was a common exercise for the game of netball.

After it all we were exhausted but relieved we were taught how to play, we all experienced the game of netball and hope on day the skills we were taught will come to use in the future.

Friday, February 10, 2012


This Term, in Maths , we are learning about statistics. As part of our learning we are examining data realated to our health. The first part of our examination we collected data (information) about the food we ate for one week (2/2 to 9/2).

The graph or chart shows how much I ate from six mayjor food groups.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Treaty Of Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi is very special to me because it was a way to bring piece the the country I now live in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Treaty of Waitangi was signed on the 6th of Febuary 1840.there was a race between the countries of France and England and it caused a lot of fustration. But now I am very grateful that it is all settled .

My Picture represents the view of New Zealand threw the window of the famous ship called the Endevour.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Who I Inspires me?

Nicki Minaj is my inspiration and she is a famous pop star i inspire. Millions of kids specially teenaged really admire Nicki Minaj but mostly they her her courageous costumes she has stored in her own studio called Nicki Minaj lounge. Dreams sometimes come true so heres my dream i would like to share with you my dream was to be come a famous rapper that succeed a long way threw life and that i had won a worldwide grammy award