Monday, May 28, 2012

Go The Broncos!!

I admit I was jealous but what happened at the game was not entirely my fault. It all started like this.  My father had just arrived from work with the tickets in his hands he screamed  "We are going to the Broncos Vs Warriors game "YEAH" we all cheered with excitement as we were immediately on our way to the game. When we arrived at the game we all hopped out of the car all geared up with Broncos gears for instance Broncos scarfs, jerseys , socks , shorts , and jackets. As we arrived at the game we were just on time as the Brisbane Broncos  made there way to the field. As the crowd just suddenly stood up everyone, especially the warriors fans they started throwing cans at my team so then I got really upset and told the girl beside me to stop it.  She said "ohhhh" you wouldn't believe what she said but then I told the security guard on her so I practicly snitched.  So yeah she was out of the stadium and we still got to enjoy a good night of rugby league. So here are some of highlights at the NRL leaugue game.

The game was awesome . My favourite  player's on that night had to be Justin hodges, Ben Teo and the fullback Josh hoffman.  The crowd was really roudy they were all cheering for the Warriors, " Warriors Warriors " it was just ridiculous but standing up there at the west stand was me,  looking out to the field screaming my head off  "Lets go Broncos you go this" but then it was fulltime and my heart just   shaddered as the warriors fans went up and I sat down ,  It was very heartbreaking to see my team loose but other than that I am proud to be a Brisbane Broncos supporter...:)

Thanks to Vanila for helping me edit my work:)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oscar Claude Monet

These are some things I find very interesting about Oscar Claude Monet.

His painting is equally balanced but the diffrence is things are just put in diffrent places.
I really like the colours he has used in this painting shown on my blog it really shows  how  attractive his art work really is .He uses diffrent kinds of strokes and never washes his brush and I think it is a very neat and creative way of blending and mixing colours.

I personally think that Oscar Claude Monet is truly gifted he has is own way or style of painting which makes it his way of painting and in his painting if you look closely you can see a slight movement in the picture.

Click on this link to find further information about Oscar Claude Monet