Thursday, December 9, 2010

The seals who died?

The seals who died. Some people think the seals died because a stupid person whacked the seals with a baseball bat but some people also think that the seals died because they were scared of the people . I believe that the people who hit them were being cruel to animals and I hope they have learnt their lesson because the seals who died had their little pups growing inside them and they killed the pup's for this year and next year. We fanau should donate some money to the seals who were killed to death.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


While packing the car we were feeling excited because we were going to Hamilton, to water world.As soon as we arrived we were really ictching to jump into the pool.When we hopped in it was extremely cold i was feeling scared because i looked up at the water and it looked like i was in the pacific ocean and a shark was coming that's why i quickly jumped out and never went back in . There were games in the pools as well as a humongous wipe out center for the little kids that had connected to the big dark hydroslide there were two hydroslides it was called the black and blue first i went on the black and my had a head ache but the blue one had twinkling lights which made me feel safe.

Other than the scary water i had enjoyed my time there and i hope we could go again the next weekend.

Reflecting on 2010

Looking back on 2010 some of my highlights have been playing and doing activities with the class. Another highlight was learning more about other topics and some weird and disgusting creatures as well. The topic i loved the most was the Mighty mariners because the topics were really interesting and cool. The thing i wanted to do most was swimming as well as playing water polo at lunchtimes, but we were upset it was only on Wednesdays. I think that I could improve on my writing as well as my concentration when learning about the topics. My best memories from 2010 were meeting new people and playing games with the class. The goal I have for next year is to get my work finished and to not be so shy.


Today the people of Greymouth had a memorial service for their loss of the miners in the Pike River Mine. They were all killed by the gas leak and explosions in the mine. It was so strong that it killed 29 men, teenagers as well. The sad thing is that some families lost a child and aswell as a husband. I would donate to those families who had a family member who died and are suffering with out them. Those miners were really brave and it was good they found a job they loved. Wherever they go everyone knows that they were great heroes. Miners are great hero's because they are willing to risk their life for our country and environment. Those miners were really brave and we will never forget them and their great tragedy.