Friday, September 28, 2012

" Free Speech"

This week I have been reading a article about Why " Russia And Saudi May Block YouTube!
This had happened on Monday this week, Hundreds of people from were taken to the streets of Afghanistan  and that's when they set fire to Buildings, houses and also cars. 

This had all happened because the Americans had put up a YouTube video, which had offended the people of Islam.

Stomach Churning!

As the rollercoaster raced past as fast as a train , I knew I couldn't hold on any longer I just felt like letting go!

It was the most scariest thing that I have ever been on, it got worse as soon as we hit the corner of the roller coaster track. The girl next to me screamed and then barfed all over my clothes. I just kept screaming out 

" NOOOOOOO!!” then finally it stopped. I was relieved first of all because it stopped and secondly I was safe.

After that moment, that’s when I knew that was the first and last time, I was ever going to go on a roller coaster!!

Thankyou to Athena Vili and Vanila Faamausili for checking my work:)

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Photo Of My Cat

Missing the moments I had with my cat. I wish he could come back. I miss how he used to run, jump, and meow all the time. Pussycat please come home...

My cat  finally came home, and as it layed in my arms I quickly grabbed the camera and took a photo of him. He looked so sad, I have never seen him like this. I wish he had never ran off. He was so hungry, I don't think he ran away I think he got lost.

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Argument Against Smoking!

Did you know 3,000 children each day smoke their first cigarette?

Smoking can cause heart disease, lung cancer and so much more.

My personal opinion about smoking and the long term effects that it can cause to your health is that its an unnecessary habit. Smoking cigarettes whether it be socially or regularly is a very bad habit to fall into, even though those who smoke now have heard all the warning signs and ads on the television showing them what could potentially happen to them if they start or continue smoking. They  tend to ignore the facts because they are addicted and an addiction without the proper help and support is very hard to beat. I don’t understand how people who smoke can hear or read the words “causes cancer and can kill” and still continue to do something that eventually will lead to death. Our generation now as children should be educated early in life about the consequences of smoking so we can learn to kick the habit and not let it take part in our future.
We should ban smoking because all it does is put our lives at risk for us human beings. I have tried to persuade you by helping me stop smoking for all people, and if you agree lets make a change and put a stop to this!

Thank you to Dakota for editing my work for me!