Friday, December 13, 2013

My Highlights 2013

Learning with two teachers this year has definitely been a challenge, but it's good in a way because every teacher has different ways of thinking. Mr Barks & Mrs Nua are both very intelligent they both have different strengths like for instance Mrs Nua's strength is literacy and Mr Barks is stronger when teaching maths. Overall I've learned alot from both of them, they've motivated me all year to do my best and to accelerate and to aim higher.

But I guess, what im going to miss the most is my friends and my sports, the sports here at Pt England gives you alot of opportunities  to develop your skill in the any sport you wish to participate in and your friends are there supporting you not just that but they have your back through everything and anything.

Sports means everything to me, so I would like to thank all the teachers who have supported throughout the year with my sports. Your effort and time you took out to either Coach,Assist and even transporting us to our sports event was magnificent, without all of you doing the work in the background we wouldn't have gotten anything done or completed so once again, thank you.

My overall highlight has to be... spending the whole year with my friends, and enjoying each others company and even though we are all going our separate ways they will forever be my Year 8 Mains(:

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

For me personally having a netbook connected to the internet has made school work a lot easier, yes the internet may be loading slow one day or another but we can still access our Google drive and all our files even when offline.

I have developed a lot of netbook skills not only this year but over the years I've had my netbook. Like for example typing faster and using short cuts to find things when exploring on my netbook. My Laptop has helped me alot even when working with a partner on one project, because we can both communicate on one document no matter where you are.

Having a netbook has helped me to improve in my maths and to develop more learning skills. We are given sites to work on for example we use Maths Whizz, to explore all sorts of maths problems and Xtramath to help us with our basic facts eg. 2x3=6 We also have Next Steps which is what we use to improve in the problems we find difficult, it’s a independant site where we push ourselves to accelerate and to do better than we did before.

Having a netbook has made not only me, but other students as well feel so lucky and intelligent. Learning on digital devices at such a young age is awesome and to hear and see more people going digital in their learning is a huge success.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Camp Rotorua 2013

For me personally I had a lot of highlights etc, swimming in the blue lake, sharing a cabin with my close friends and staying up late gossiping. But overall my favourite hight light had to be the luge ride because you got to race against your mates, hitting at full speed.

To be honest the food was shocking but I guess it was better than nothing , the walking was alright it was pretty annoying seeing that the weather was pouring. Spending time with all my friends, creating memories that we we'll cherish forever. All the bus rides, long walks & gossiping at night are just some of the reasons why we are so tight.

Waking up early to go for runs was alright but then again we could have gotten sick running around in that weather. But us students were  totally grateful for the camp that was organised by Mrs Nua & Camp was cool you gotta admit it, it was way better than staying back at school (: