Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

For me personally having a netbook connected to the internet has made school work a lot easier, yes the internet may be loading slow one day or another but we can still access our Google drive and all our files even when offline.

I have developed a lot of netbook skills not only this year but over the years I've had my netbook. Like for example typing faster and using short cuts to find things when exploring on my netbook. My Laptop has helped me alot even when working with a partner on one project, because we can both communicate on one document no matter where you are.

Having a netbook has helped me to improve in my maths and to develop more learning skills. We are given sites to work on for example we use Maths Whizz, to explore all sorts of maths problems and Xtramath to help us with our basic facts eg. 2x3=6 We also have Next Steps which is what we use to improve in the problems we find difficult, it’s a independant site where we push ourselves to accelerate and to do better than we did before.

Having a netbook has made not only me, but other students as well feel so lucky and intelligent. Learning on digital devices at such a young age is awesome and to hear and see more people going digital in their learning is a huge success.

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  1. Thank you Jay'Lee for taking the time to post such a thoughtful reflection on your blog. I can see on your blog that over the four years you have learnt some wonderful things online .

    Congratulations on your wonderful success at the prize giving tonight too

    Mrs Burt


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