Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country 2013

It was a really exciting day as all of  us house captains were real eager to cheer and support our house.

The sun just shone down on us while we were waiting for Mr Burt to arrive. The juniors  were first up they looked a bit nervous at first,  but they seemed really happy and proud not to mention tired after the race . The order was juniors first and seniors last. 

For me personally the cross country run was actually really cool, there were times when I was just completely worn out and couldn't breathe but yeah it was a good exercise and it was like a test for fitness but I completed it and made it past the finish line. 

I was really proud of my house ' Te Arawa'  especially how I was given the Opportunity to lead this house as a house captain and since I wont be attending next years cross country I wish them all the best and I hope they keep up their fitness so that they are well on there way to being ' Fit For Life!'  Go Te Arawa!!! (:

Friday, August 16, 2013

Maths Goals Term 3

This term I will be more quiet, I will listen and focus when learning new strategies.  I will be more consistent attending classes. I will try my best to be at year 8 or above at the end of the year. Decimals and Percentages are my main focus so hopefully I can get past that.

My Next Steps

In Room 22 we have been working hard and aiming higher in maths. He has been teaching us new strategies each day and  has filed all our knowledge and information on a presentation that tracks our success so that at the end of the year we will know if we have achieved or not.  This presentation helps us children including myself to accelerate and to know exactly what I'm looking at doing better at. For example the green shows what strategies I'm good at , the red shows you what I need working on and what I need to pay more attention to and last but not least the yellow simply means that I sort of know it but need to learn more of it.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Yellow Hat -  I enjoyed working alongside my friends,I also  enjoyed learning new patterns and what they mean.

Black Hat - I didn’t like the fact that we had to write a reflection instead of finishing off our work, but in the other hand it was our own fault because we didn’t clean our mess up properly.

Green Hat - The thing that I found interesting about this week was all the different patterns and symbols that came and were used way before our time and even now as we speak they still use these for specials occasions in the islands.

White Hat -  I learned new patterns and the story behind each pattern that I used in my art work.