Monday, August 27, 2012


As I looked up to the sky my tears came down as my Grandma had just past away. It was a very sad lost for my family as she was one of our closest member, It all started like this. I was just in year 3 as my mother picked me up from school in deep tears, I asked her “ What Happened? she said “ I'll explain later” then as we arrived home there we a lot of family over, I was really confused.  As I got closer my mother said” Grandma died today” and I immediately  bursted into tears, shortly after the ambulance arrived  they took my Grandma  into the van. This is when I had a dramatic scene with the ambulance driver, I started punching the ambulance man screaming “ Help Her, Help Her” I said these exact words repeatedly. Eventually they had to leave but I wouldn't give up on her without a fight so I jumped into the van and I wouldn't get out, I could see the frustration on my mothers face as she was calling me to come.  

At one point I had to let her go I stopped everything and there was something in my head saying “ She will be in a better place” so then I hopped out of the van and walked away from everyone, On that very day I was angry and sad. Sad because my nana wouldn't be there will us on the dinner table anymore , and angry because we couldn't help her while she was suffering this pain. I felt sorry for my parents and family who had to go through this sort of thing but now that Grandma is in a better place she would have wanted us to be happy and to carry on striving for our dreams.



  1. Hi Jaylee,

    I am so sorry for the loss of your grandmother. By reading this post, I can tell that you were very close to her. But now we know that she is resting in peace with the Lord in heaven. You have used very interesting words in this story like dramatic and repeatedly. Well done for striving to succeed to finish this post. Keep up the great work. I hope to read more interesting posts like this.

    God Bless
    Joshua(Rm 21)

  2. Just read this interesting blog Jay!!!


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