Wednesday, October 17, 2012


'There once lived a little girl in a castle as big as this, she was very curious about her castle but she only came to  notice that now as strange things started happening. She grew up in a life of ease seeing that she was the only child in the family. At night she would hear strange noises in the basement but when she checked there was nothing there  was only an old mattress and the old fireplace.

One night she was found lurking in the dark by her father “ Nia! ”he shouted
“Yes Father” she replied “ What are you doing down here? “ Nia just stood there in shock as she didn’t know what to say “ Ummmm Goodnight Father!! ”   she said quietly, “ GOODNIGHT!” he replied!

Next day, she decided to ask her mother why the basement was so noisy at night? and then the mother replied! “ Awww Honey! it’s just the animals that live down there” and as Nia stood there thinking to herself “ Of Course!! I forgot the had pet’s? “ And from that day on he learnt it’s always good to ask if your’e  not sure of something!