Monday, November 21, 2011

Camp Bentzon's Team Meanings

I was happy to see all the teams performing with such dignity and pride. The Teams were called Bentzon, Mansion,Kawau,Katz they all had a meaningful name to represent each building or piece of house, Bentzon represents the campsite, Mansion represents the house that governer Grey used to live in and infact it still stands as we speak , Kawau represents the Island and last but not least Katz represent the Fairy we took from Sandspit called the Catamaran. Now that you know what they repesent see if you can find out some more information on this link click on the photo to find out more I KNOW YOU WANT TOO.

My Highlight At Camp Bentzon.

My Highlight at camp bentzon was being able to face my fears at the concourse court ,abseiling wall and also the sailing. It was an awesome experience of nature on the island as well.

The fairy ride was awesome but the luggage carrying not so much, The cabins were great the food was super great but the hike not so great. I had an awesome time together with my team Kawau and I wish them all the very best for the future.

Peter and Erin were our hosts at Kawau Island while we were staying there, they were also our instructors for sailing and kayaking as they were both used as our activities for the amount of days we stayed there. We had to be quiet as there were people living there like tourists and inspectors and so on...
Well what I m trying to say is that I enjoyed my time at camp and I would be privileged to go back as a helper when I am older

Friday, November 18, 2011

Camp Bentzon

First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parent helpers and teachers for supporting my team and as well as looking after all of us. I had an awesome time at Camp Bentzon but my highlight at camp was leading my team to victory with Gabriel by winning the camp concert on the second to last night.

I would also like to give Mr Coop our cook a big big thank you on behalf of us all for cooking the best breakfast,lunch and dinner for us all. I had a lovely time there and I hope that you juniors will have the same experience as I did when your older at the wonderful place named Camp Bentzon. Click on this link and have the time of your life exploring this amazing camp site......... CAMP BENTZON!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Film Festival

I had an amazing day at the manaiakalani film festival with the juniors that I was given to look after. They were a bit nervous on the bus but when we arrived at the cinema they were just so hard to keep still.

As we sat comfortably on our seats we knew were were ready and set to go when we had stopped talking and were eager to watch it. There were some amazing movies presented by our school
in fact all of the movies were really addicting ton watch over and over again, I loved watching the movies and I hope we go back next year.

Monday, November 7, 2011

In The Weekend

In the weekend me and my family were making scones for my grandparents. As we were all fighting to roll the scones I was screaming so I had to sit out but I thought it was fear enough since I was the eldest child there. When the scones were ready I was trying to be sneaky to be the first to eat it but you can guess what happened I was snapped and banned from my net book for the whole weekend If you have a net book you can guess how I felt? Lonely and Upset because it was like another hand for me but I got over it after all.

Well we arrived at my grandparents house with the scones so we ate and we had a chat about how schools going and family stuff, I was relived that I had the opportunity to see my grandparents because shorty they will be leaving to live in Samoa permantly.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Where Am I?

As I sit there, alone, I can see the twinkling stars smiling down at me. Their smile is warm and comforting, as there is no one here to talk to. I can also feel the cold air pulling me away from everyone that I know, and as I look into the distance, I can just make out the shape of a very bright planet, Earth.I was attacked by a very large Alien in a way i that i could never forget but then i realised that they were not real in reality.

"Ahhhhhh get away get away" as I have awaken from my sleep I all I see in sight is a ugly monster in my face looking at me strangely at me . I was very deprest and very angry because of it.

As I start to stand up I fell dizzy and find that the alien is being kind to me by guiding me around his planet. I started to feel like a bully because I was snobbing and being mean for nothing. So then I walk up to the alien and say " Im Sorry do you want to be friends" and he replied yes then we lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick Or Treat

Yesterday me, Collin and my auntie Etta went trick or treating. Etta was a vampire and my brother was 3 people actually he was Batman,Undertaker and a Ninja I was so thankful that my mum took us and I was so happy when we came home with a bucket full of lollies .

As I was walking I spotted a lot of my school mates on the way there and back home they were saying "Yeah I am trick or treating in the rich area " and I would just laugh so here is the photo i am posting of Etta and Collin in there costumes.