Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 College AGGS

So its a new year and i'm preparing myself for college, going from the top of intermediate to the bottom of college is definitely gonna be a challenge but i'm sure i'll survive.

Nervous as I am to start at Auckland Girls there's actually a part within me that's excited. But I have to admit the sports AGGS has got to offer is unbelievably awesome!

I'm not even worried about who's gonna be my friend next year as long as I do my sports & school work i'll be alright. I've also made a promise to stay true to myself to keep my dream alive instead of falling off track and loosing focus.

Girls these days are so worried about what there face looks like if there's enough makeup on? and they try so hard to fit in, when you could just pin your hair up and go to school as the real you, because believe it or not make up is FAKE but as for your FACE its real. So what happens when that makeups fades?? I think that's the question people should be asking themselves finding friends isn't a job so why make it one??

Im only going to school for 3 reasons...
1 - To develop my skill through sport and to of course participate!
2 - To learn and actually do my work!
3 - Last but not least Have Fun!!

Thanks again to my parents for paying for me to attend this school, it really means a lot.
I wont let you down <3
Jaylee Nouata - Manase

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