Friday, December 13, 2013

My Highlights 2013

Learning with two teachers this year has definitely been a challenge, but it's good in a way because every teacher has different ways of thinking. Mr Barks & Mrs Nua are both very intelligent they both have different strengths like for instance Mrs Nua's strength is literacy and Mr Barks is stronger when teaching maths. Overall I've learned alot from both of them, they've motivated me all year to do my best and to accelerate and to aim higher.

But I guess, what im going to miss the most is my friends and my sports, the sports here at Pt England gives you alot of opportunities  to develop your skill in the any sport you wish to participate in and your friends are there supporting you not just that but they have your back through everything and anything.

Sports means everything to me, so I would like to thank all the teachers who have supported throughout the year with my sports. Your effort and time you took out to either Coach,Assist and even transporting us to our sports event was magnificent, without all of you doing the work in the background we wouldn't have gotten anything done or completed so once again, thank you.

My overall highlight has to be... spending the whole year with my friends, and enjoying each others company and even though we are all going our separate ways they will forever be my Year 8 Mains(:

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

For me personally having a netbook connected to the internet has made school work a lot easier, yes the internet may be loading slow one day or another but we can still access our Google drive and all our files even when offline.

I have developed a lot of netbook skills not only this year but over the years I've had my netbook. Like for example typing faster and using short cuts to find things when exploring on my netbook. My Laptop has helped me alot even when working with a partner on one project, because we can both communicate on one document no matter where you are.

Having a netbook has helped me to improve in my maths and to develop more learning skills. We are given sites to work on for example we use Maths Whizz, to explore all sorts of maths problems and Xtramath to help us with our basic facts eg. 2x3=6 We also have Next Steps which is what we use to improve in the problems we find difficult, it’s a independant site where we push ourselves to accelerate and to do better than we did before.

Having a netbook has made not only me, but other students as well feel so lucky and intelligent. Learning on digital devices at such a young age is awesome and to hear and see more people going digital in their learning is a huge success.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Camp Rotorua 2013

For me personally I had a lot of highlights etc, swimming in the blue lake, sharing a cabin with my close friends and staying up late gossiping. But overall my favourite hight light had to be the luge ride because you got to race against your mates, hitting at full speed.

To be honest the food was shocking but I guess it was better than nothing , the walking was alright it was pretty annoying seeing that the weather was pouring. Spending time with all my friends, creating memories that we we'll cherish forever. All the bus rides, long walks & gossiping at night are just some of the reasons why we are so tight.

Waking up early to go for runs was alright but then again we could have gotten sick running around in that weather. But us students were  totally grateful for the camp that was organised by Mrs Nua & Camp was cool you gotta admit it, it was way better than staying back at school (:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Friends (:

Our friends are made up out of 8. We have each others back like a wolf pack through thick and thin we are there till the end united as one win against. We are an active bunch, we collaborate when participating in sports so we can remain as number one. 

Sports means everything to each an everyone of us, its a dream were all chasing to be at the top as a champion and to never give up.My friends and I have our ups and downs just like any group of friends would, but we have a positive mind and we learn how to forgive and forget so we can all still remain as friends.

We will always be next to each other  until the very end ,  wiping all your  tears away as its our job as your friend , We will smile when you smile and feel all the pain you do and if  you cry a single tear we all promise we will cry too :’)P

Dedicated to the following…..
Jessica & MaryI(:
Serena & Alexandria(:
Eleva & Grace(:

MaryL (:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Rugby is 15 aside contact sport. The aim of the game is trying score on the opposition's territory ( TRYLINE) You have a back-line which obviously marks the back and makes sure that the opposition does not score, and you also have forwards who gain metre  they are like the workhorses in the team. But the back-line controls all the fancy plays & moves. Rugby is a highly paid sport for the All Blacks anyway. Black Ferns get paid heaps but not as much as the All Blacks.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Auckland vs Syria

Auckland ( BLUE )
Syria ( BLACK )

Waking up in the morning with nothing to eat, I laid in a tent waiting for a miracle to happen. Nothing but rain poured down on us.

After playing with my friends my tummy started grumbling. I ran inside but my mother had already prepared food for me and my mates. I thanked her with a hug then continued to play after the food had digested.

I stayed in the tent with no one to play with. Desperate for food my stomach was grumbling but I starved for two days straight waiting for someone to help us.  

Waking up for school, well rested I washed up and hurried downstairs for breakfast. Eagerly awaiting for my dad to come down, he took his time as the shine shone brightly through the glass window.

It had been a long day playing outside with my mates. We had lost track of time and it wasn't long until it was night so we called it a day. I strolled into the house, washed up, and got ready for bed. I laid there day dreaming. I looked at the stars as it took up most of the sky and slowly drifted off to sleep.

It had been a long day waiting for something magical to happen, as I laid there awake in the dark. I took a deep breath as I added another day onto my starvation dates. I wasn't sure if I was going to see another day so I prayed that night waiting to see what the result was going to be the next morning.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Martin Luther King ( DLO ) Creative Strand

Intro: Last week we were given the opportunity to create a movie based on an event of our choice . We had to think of something that was different , that would stand out from all the rest. So we both agreed on researching Martin Luther King , I Have A Dream.
We wrote a rap together, rehearsed it , recorded it then we made a animation to go along with it.
The reason why we chose Martin Luther King was because he is a true hero to us all, he stopped racism back in 1963 when he spoke his mind with a speech called “ I Have A Dream”

Positives: I really enjoyed working on this project because not only did we create animations we also learned a lot of information about Martin Luther King, he set his people free from racism so that the blacks would have the same rights as the whites. Blacks had experienced things that no one should ever experience it was horrible, but thanks to Martin Luther King he put a stop to it.

Negatives: (Things to work on) I personally think that Alexandria and I could have managed our time better, so that we could create a more detailed animation with awesome editing. I didn't like the fact that we had to wait for IMAC’S and by the time we were given one , we were rushed to upload our video to vimeo but we weren't quite finished with our editing!!

Interesting: The thing that I found interesting about this project was how much knowledge we had gained in a week, we had learned so much about Martin Luther King in such a small space of time. The other thing was , how cool our rap was!!

 This week was awesome, but next time we will definitely manage our time better. We will work harder and we will make a more detailed movie with a good message to go along with it.

Alexandria & Jay Decimal DLO

The question that we are doing is about Decimals. We are going to have to add the decimal all up to get our answer. The question is that Andrew weighs 45.6kg and his cat weighs 4.8kg, so we have to add 45.6 and 4.8 together.

The strategy that we are going to use is rounding one of the decimal numbers to the nearest ten. First we will add 0.2 to 4.8 and then takeaway 0.2 from 45.6. So the question now will be 
5 + 45.4 the reason that we took away 0.2 from 45.8 after adding 0.2 to 4.8 is to balance the numbers or there will be two much.

So now we will have to add 45.4 and 5 together.We know that 5 and 45 will add up to 50 then we just add the leftover 0.4 and the answer we got is 50.4

Monday, September 23, 2013

( DLO ) Reflection.

Yellow Hat - I enjoyed working alongside Alex ( My DLO Partner) also animating and editing together for the movie.

Blue Hat - I didn't like the fact that  we didn't have enough time to do a proper animation. But I think personally that Alexandria and I should've used our time wisely.

Green Hat - The thing I found interesting was as we were animating and creating our DLO we learned a lot about Martin Luther King , like where he came from, what was his speech about, who he  was he married etc.

White Hat - I learned alot of things, I learned that Martin Luther King was a hero and he brought peace to America.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Maths Strategy ( DLO )

So Dairy one sells 36 ice blocks and 3/4 of these ice blocks are raspberry. Dairy Two sells 28 ice blocks and 3/7 of these are raspberry. Which dairy sells the most raspberry ice blocks??

Dairy One: Well first of all I know that 9 times 4 equals 36 and 9 times 3 equals 27 so there is 27 raspberry ice blocks for dairy one.

Dairy Two: First of all I know that 28 divide 7 equals 4 and 4 times 3 equals 12 so there is 12 raspberry ice blocks in dairy two.

So Dairy One wins because Dairy one has 27 raspberry ice blocks and Dairy Two only has 12.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country 2013

It was a really exciting day as all of  us house captains were real eager to cheer and support our house.

The sun just shone down on us while we were waiting for Mr Burt to arrive. The juniors  were first up they looked a bit nervous at first,  but they seemed really happy and proud not to mention tired after the race . The order was juniors first and seniors last. 

For me personally the cross country run was actually really cool, there were times when I was just completely worn out and couldn't breathe but yeah it was a good exercise and it was like a test for fitness but I completed it and made it past the finish line. 

I was really proud of my house ' Te Arawa'  especially how I was given the Opportunity to lead this house as a house captain and since I wont be attending next years cross country I wish them all the best and I hope they keep up their fitness so that they are well on there way to being ' Fit For Life!'  Go Te Arawa!!! (:

Friday, August 16, 2013

Maths Goals Term 3

This term I will be more quiet, I will listen and focus when learning new strategies.  I will be more consistent attending classes. I will try my best to be at year 8 or above at the end of the year. Decimals and Percentages are my main focus so hopefully I can get past that.

My Next Steps

In Room 22 we have been working hard and aiming higher in maths. He has been teaching us new strategies each day and  has filed all our knowledge and information on a presentation that tracks our success so that at the end of the year we will know if we have achieved or not.  This presentation helps us children including myself to accelerate and to know exactly what I'm looking at doing better at. For example the green shows what strategies I'm good at , the red shows you what I need working on and what I need to pay more attention to and last but not least the yellow simply means that I sort of know it but need to learn more of it.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Yellow Hat -  I enjoyed working alongside my friends,I also  enjoyed learning new patterns and what they mean.

Black Hat - I didn’t like the fact that we had to write a reflection instead of finishing off our work, but in the other hand it was our own fault because we didn’t clean our mess up properly.

Green Hat - The thing that I found interesting about this week was all the different patterns and symbols that came and were used way before our time and even now as we speak they still use these for specials occasions in the islands.

White Hat -  I learned new patterns and the story behind each pattern that I used in my art work.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Term 2 Maths Goals

Next term  I will be more consistant and I will be more committed to finishing and completing the maths tasks that I have been given to complete. I also need to contribute ideas and thoughts to our maths group when working with Mr Barks. I really need to focus more during class and I am looking to  be at the right level for my year in maths.  I need to focus more when learning about decimals and fractions seeing that they're the things I struggle with the most.  

Monday, June 24, 2013

What Is Protein?

This is a presentation that I created to show you ' What Protein Is? ' Hope you enjoy!

What Is Protein?

We were given a basic task to explain ' What Is Protein ' and this is a short sentence that explains a bit about it.  

' Protein is essential to the human body, it makes new cells maintains tissues and synthesizes new protein that makes it possible for you to perform  basic bodily functions. Protein are frankly made out of amino acids, Amino acids are biologically important organic compounds.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Decimal Games.

Out of 5 I rate this football decimal game 5 out of 5.
I think personally that this website has a lot of different learning activities and it gives you a chance to learn new things and explore.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crispy Crunchy Deluxe

This is a Sandwich presentation that Huelo-ata, MaryL , Monike and I created just for you if you are wanting to make this Sandwich :-)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Explain Ready Task' Processed'

Serena and I both agreed that we would explain the word Processed without using the word, so here it is =)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NZ Women’s Sevens

The NZ Women's 7’S Team were on a  celebration buzz after winning against  Spain 14- 5 in the quarter finals. NZ somehow managed to keep up with their next game against Russia in the Semi’s  winning 24-10, which secured their place in the Finals. To top it all off  NZ won 33-24 over Canada to claim the tournament with a Victory! 

Surprisingly this year there were 4 tournaments around the world. Which means this is the first ever Women’s Sevens Competition in history.  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

All that I am , or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother who has been always been there for me threw everything. While we honor all our mothers with words of love and kindness, we share all the memories and happiness and their kind and loving ways we should also think of ' Grandma 'for she has mothered the mother I have today<3 Happy Mothers Day and GOD BLESS!

Love your Daughter/ Grand Daughter! 

Friday, May 10, 2013


The big question was, ‘Who was the famous person coming to our school?’ Some people thought that it was our Prime Minister, John Key but, as soon as Mr Burt announced that the person who was coming  had musical abilities, then suddenly everyone thought twice about their guess. We were all eager and excited to find out who the mysterious VIP was?

It was time to assemble into the school hall and seeing all the media made this event seem very extraordinary. We were surrounded by video cameras associated with Tv producers who would have screened this event on NZ channels, we immediately thought “Obviously if there are a lot of cameras it has to be someone very special!’. Trying to keep still in our seats was very hard as our mysterious VIP was running late.

Our mysterious VIP had finally arrived at our school with prefects surrounding him. As soon as he entered the hall , it was a jaw dropping moment and it just felt so surreal for him to actually be here . The mysterious person  wasn’t mysterious anymore we all looked up Starstruck to actually see  ‘WILL.I.AM!! walking down the aisle  Yes, the artist from America whose album has recently gone platinum here in NZ and who is a member in the band ‘ Black Eye Peas ‘
WILL.I.AM kindly donated one hundred thousand dollars to our Manaiakalani Education Trust as a gift to support the schools in the Tamaki Cluster Zone. For us personally we are so thankful for his generosity to our school and for his inspirational speech he had spoken to us about. We really do wish him the best in his music career and god bless <3

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Another Big Shout Out

This is a big shout out to Oshania she now lives in Australia , miss playing sports together we were like sports buddies and I think we played every sport :) anyway we used to have so much fun together laughing at our funny as jokes scoring tries and shooting hoops memories<3 Slipping and sliding in the mud at rugby training, falling over at netball training , and getting hit with the bat during softball training , we would always be blenders and play rough with the boys and  laugh all the time. Miss having you around but I really do wish you the best for the future and hopefully we meet again Black Ferns Vs Australia:) keep in touch , keep smiling and stay safe. xox

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Big Shout Out!

I know that I'm like a bit delayed with my birthday shout out but I'm just going to write it anyway:)

Hey guys , you are probably wondering who this wierd looking girl is next to me kidaaaang!!  this pretty girl next to me in the photo is?? Well ... she is my Bestieboo.xx we have been there for each other since like forever , I don't think I would last a day at school without her, Yup sometimes we do get in trouble for talking in class and trust me we hardly ever do?  We like to play muck around and play some funny games , We like to sing with our Xfactor material voices during breaks hahahahr , We like participating in sports, we played NETBALL together and YESS! We both trialed in the pouring rain for Auckland Reps and made it in Together:)  We talk to each other like every second of the day.  We both like to stand in front of a camera like forever taking pictures,  sometimes we argue but then we just laugh and forget what we were arguing about and OhhEmmGheee!! :')  I cant believe you are 13 growing up to fast girl!! MaryL you are the best and I can't imagine spending my last year at Pt England without you:). Love you to bits<3 written by the GREATEST. mwaaaaah Happy Late Late B'daay!.xox

Why we should have a a year 7 and 8 camp

We believe that having no year 7 and 8 camp is like having no freedom and takes away valuable opportunities to experience the outdoors with our schoolmates. Camp fosters friendship, leadership, cooperation and builds up our confidence. The most important thing in camp is having fun. Therefore we think we should have a year seven and eight camp.

Camp gives us a valuable opportunity to experience the outdoors. For example if you've never been camping before than camp is your chance to try it. Even if you've done this before as many year sevens and eights would have, it would give us the chance to gain even more confidence.

The year seven and eight camp also fosters new friendships or strengthens current friendships and allows us to show our leadership potential. You might get the chance to lead your team, help someone else if you’re an expert or be a good role model in your group. Because you are mixed up, not just in your own friendship group, you have to co-operate as a team and this helps you to develo your bond with others.

Our opinion is that we should have a year seven and eight camp, I trust you will now consider our idea for 2013 year seven and eight camp.

Written by , Huelo-ata , MaryL and I

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Auckland Blues

On Wednesday a few children from Pt England were given the opportunity to go down to the Tamaki Marist  Club . We were hand selected by Miss Va'afusuaga to go and learn some skills and drills with the Auckland Blues Team 2013.  It felt so surreal when they were standing right in front of us, we would quickly spark up a conversation and we just made the most of it.  I'd like to thank Miss Va'afusuaga for giving us the opportunity to go and experience this and hopefully we can do it again sometime soon.

Please click on the link and feel free to watch the Interview that I was in at the Auckland Blues days out.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Character Description about ' My Cousin Letusa'

Lanky, Tall, Slim and Scary well those are the main things that describe my , Goofy looking cousin ' Letusa'  He is quiet most times,  but when surrounded by  family loud is all you hear from him. Tusa is quite rough in ways and kind as well. Its fair to say that my cousin ( Tusa) is real competitive when it comes to sports but who isn' t right?  Tusa enjoys all physicial things and would rather train then to watch or play inside games.  Kick boxing is the main sport in Tusa's life he trains nearly every single minute of the day to prefect his skills you can tell from the moment he starts training that he is very passionate and very serious about what he is going to be in the future. He looks up to people who compete in the UFC ( Ultimate Fighting Championship ).  I've known my cousin nearly all my life  and the one thing I know for sure is that we sure do love our sports, As we were growing up we played in the same Rugby League Team for ' Otahuhu '  we  played for the club for a  few years  then we went our separate ways and now we are both doing totally diffrent things . I really do wish him the best  with his kick boxing and hopefully he will make it his profession oneday.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Alan Duff!

Alan Duff, is a unique man. He was the author of the book ' Once Were Warriors '.  It was an honour for us have him visit our school and to hear him talk about why he was inspired to write books. He had mentioned that nearly all of his books we based on personal experience , The book ' Once Were Warriors' became a Movie and if you have seen it the life style back then was very rough and that's the background Alan Duff grew up in.

Id like to take this moment to say thank you to Alan Duff for visiting our school and for telling us that you can do anything and become anything when you grow up. Alan Duff was raised up in Rotorua.

Character Description

Short wavy hair, medium brown skin, short [same height], positive attitude towards learning these are the main things that describe my good friend Mary Loseli.
MaryL is funny. Whenever she cracks a joke we all start laughing our best and it usually lasts for a long period of time until the joke is officially dry. She is very intelligent , my personal opinion and what I love the most about Mary is that she is very respectful and unique in her own way.
Mary and I are interested in same things but I’m more on the physical side and she likes things along the lines of, Cooking , Eating, Sleeping, and Chilling with her mates.
Screaming, Laughing if you hear those two things then you know for sure its MaryL.  I do not  think there has ever been a day that she has not giggled or not Screamed at Morning Tea./

Simile and Metaphor

We have been learning the differences with , Similes and Metaphors

Monday, March 11, 2013


What do I know? I know my multiplication and division.
About what I'm learning? I am learning to measure different sources
Do I understand? I do understand the task that I am recently working on.
What I don't get? I do not get the task when you have to add fractions together.

Black Ferns Here I Come..( RUGBY)

Freedom is all I feel when I play rugby, but for me personally I take all my anger mixed with a little Enthusiasm  and that's the emotion I feel when I tackle people on the field, Good sportsmanship is the key to winning if you have good sportsmanship everyone is a winner.  

It doesn't matter if you are not experienced and haven’t played rugby before, you just need to focus on the position you have been given and just play your position right and you will  fit in just like the rest.

I love rugby its one of the key sports in my life, My dream is to make it a  profession and maybe one day play for the Women's Rugby Union Team ( Black Ferns) .


I was really nervous as the hooter had blown for our first game to start. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Writing Sample 2013

This morning we all completed out first Writing Sample for 2013. I have posted it just as I wrote it in the 40 minuted that we were given, so that throughout this year I will be able to look back and reflect on the progress I have made in writing, I will post my Learning goals from this soon.........

It was a very exhausting day at training,  but awfully strange as it felt like someone was watching me but from a far distance. . I stood on the court looking very curious I didn’t think it was that serious so I just walked away and totally forgot about it.

The next training nothing but cool breezes flowing past, with complete silence.  But as soon as I stepped onto  the court there it was that same feeling , the only difference was it seemed to be getting closer and closer. “ Can you feel that Ata?? “ .. “ Feel What ” she said, “ That cold breeze its like someones right here!! “ i said   “ Don’t be silly ” she replied.   

So i went home that night just sitting on the couch watching tv like every school kid does, I flipped the channel to channel 3 and the news was on, the latest update was that a Lady who coached netball had passed away i checked the location and it happened to be the school right next to mine.. I thought to myself ,” OMG she must be the person who is always watching me? “ But i wasn’t too sure if it was or not i needed proof..

The next day , I ran out onto the court waiting , as time went by nothing had happened nothing at all. “ Come On Jaylee, training is over.” Ata said “ I walked away feeling stupid “ I knew it was too good to be true “ i said, “ What’s too good to be true” Ata Replied! “ Nothing just forget about it, “  The rest of our training sessions were all the same..  That cold breeze hadn’t come by in a while just light winds and sun showers.

Today was the big game we were hosting Holy Cross at our school for the final.
2 minutes left but we were down by one , Ata had intercepted the ball and passed it straight down to me looking up at the hoop I wasn’t sure which way to shoot it even though i had been practicing every week..  I was just about to let the ball go until the cold breeze came past I gazed off into another world and thats where I meet my good friend Aroha she was the coach who had recently passed away, she gave me some tips for shooting she said, “ Concentrate and focus then push with all your power and you will get it in”.

That was the winning goal and we were known as the ‘ Auckland Champ’s’ We  all cheered with excitement and we had a good celebration, But i couldn’t have done it without my good friend ‘ Aroha ‘ thanks to her awesome shooting tips, Rest easy my friend.

Monday, February 18, 2013


I looked at her and asked for her help. I needed my team to win and I knew she could help. My family invaded my house with their screams and chants we were all over to watch the game. Indigenous VS NRL All Stars. The crowd was on fire, you could hear the heartbeats of the players through the tv screen.

That night we had a moment of silence to show  our respect to  the great  ‘ Jon Mannah’  a former NRL league player who passed away with cancer.  The night sky was showing its support by shining its stars. My dad also tried to show his support with a bag of chips in his hand blocking the whole tv while I was telling him to get out of the way.

Indigenous won. My family celebrated the house erupted my father collapsed and I thanked the night sky for her support.

My Bio Poem!

Jaylee, Juliet
Kind, Smiley, Competitive ,
Daughter of Johnny and Tiomai Nouata Sister of Jane and Collin.
Lover of Activities, Food and Sport
Who feels Happy when playing Sport, Excited when its a special occasion and Relaxed when I hear Music.
Who has been to Samoa, Australia and places around NZ.
Who needs Friends and Laughter.
Who fears Heights and Cemeteries but Funerals most of all.
Who would someday want to play in the Women's 7's Team for NZ and travel the world.
Student At Pt England School.


This Presentation Tells you a bit more about ME!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Term 1 Learning Goal

Room 22 have been thinking about goals. These are my goals I hope you enjoy it.