Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Camp Rotorua 2013

For me personally I had a lot of highlights etc, swimming in the blue lake, sharing a cabin with my close friends and staying up late gossiping. But overall my favourite hight light had to be the luge ride because you got to race against your mates, hitting at full speed.

To be honest the food was shocking but I guess it was better than nothing , the walking was alright it was pretty annoying seeing that the weather was pouring. Spending time with all my friends, creating memories that we we'll cherish forever. All the bus rides, long walks & gossiping at night are just some of the reasons why we are so tight.

Waking up early to go for runs was alright but then again we could have gotten sick running around in that weather. But us students were  totally grateful for the camp that was organised by Mrs Nua & Camp was cool you gotta admit it, it was way better than staying back at school (:

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