Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In the weekend

In the weekend my family and I went to the airport.The scary thing was we were going to the airport to say goodbye to my Nan and Pa because they were going to Samoa. When we got there my mum was really nervous because she and my Pa hadn't talked to each other for a really long time. This was because last time they went to Samoa my Mum and Dad came to the airport too late so we missed them, as they just departed. It was very upsetting.

But this time it was better because as you now know, they hadn't seen each other for a very long time. So this time when they had to depart, my Mum ran up to my Pa and gave him a great big hug and my family started crying.

Christchurch Earthquake

Christchurch Earthquake

On Saturday  morning at the time of 4 a.m. an  earthquake struck Canterbury. Buildings  were badly damaged and there was a lot of flooding happening caused by the movement of the ground.The size of the earthquake was around 7.1 and there was a lot of devastation  throughout the whole of Christchurch. People were really surprised that this earthquake had hit this town because  it was not expected by anyone.

People in Christchurch awoke with broken windows, damaged train tracks, funny looking  fields and a huge  mess left by the earthquake. A church  in Christchurch was not straight as it was  blown  over  by the earthquake. There were houses that were destroyed Parents in Christchurch were a bit tense because that Earthquake could spread a lot of diseases that can cause death to children.

A New School

Yesterday was my first day at Point England School. It was cool at first but then we had to stop what we were doing and wait for a couple of boys to stop talking. My friends names are ,Lola,Heather,Ashleigh and in my new class I feel very welcome because my class mates are being kind and helpful to me I really like Point England I am a type of person who loves to give help to people who need it. In the weekend me and my family came to see if we could book a appointment to in roll me and my brother to Point England School. Today I am at Point England school and remember school is cool.