Monday, November 29, 2010

Totara Springs

With enthusiasm and excitement to be going to a camp far away from home.We set off on the bus and had a very long way to go.As soon as we arrived we immediately went to our cabins to choose our beds.Nervously walking to a place called devotion's we all sat down,sang song and listened to stories.After that we had a chance to walk around and try to get along with everyone.Not long after that it was time for lunch so we all went to the cafeteria and had lots of fun.catching up with everyone.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First week of swimming

First week of Swimming

Eagerly waiting beside the pool for Chris, we were all chattering excitedly. Before long he came out and we got given life jackets that were freezing. As I squeezed into my damp clammy life jacket I shivered and shuddered because it was cold and clammy. I quickly adjusted my jacket and off we were into the pool.

Chris is a helper from water safety NZ and is here to teach us about the safety way of using water . He will be taking us to the new pool every Wednesday for the rest of the term. While in the pool we were learning some activities and re caped what we learnt the week before . One of the activities we did was when Chris told us to huddle up in a big circle with the whole class. Then he ordered us to sing the national anthem and was spinning us around in circles “AHHHHHH “I screamed.

After a while I was fine, it was awesome. I can’t wait for swimming next week on Wednesday because we had a really great time.

Old dental clinic

A final farewell as our old dental clinic was crushed and smashed into piles of rubble.

As we had torn apart the weatherboards with a crowbar the dental clinic was slowly getting weaker and weaker. Then we had got it down in preparation for our new intermediate school.People were standing around in shock as they saw the dental clinic collapse to the ground in such a hurry.

While the dental clinic was destroyed by a ginormous digger it was teared into pieces and there was a lot of rubble left over.While waiting for it to be cleared we had a brand new dental clinic open for us.