Monday, February 18, 2013


I looked at her and asked for her help. I needed my team to win and I knew she could help. My family invaded my house with their screams and chants we were all over to watch the game. Indigenous VS NRL All Stars. The crowd was on fire, you could hear the heartbeats of the players through the tv screen.

That night we had a moment of silence to show  our respect to  the great  ‘ Jon Mannah’  a former NRL league player who passed away with cancer.  The night sky was showing its support by shining its stars. My dad also tried to show his support with a bag of chips in his hand blocking the whole tv while I was telling him to get out of the way.

Indigenous won. My family celebrated the house erupted my father collapsed and I thanked the night sky for her support.

My Bio Poem!

Jaylee, Juliet
Kind, Smiley, Competitive ,
Daughter of Johnny and Tiomai Nouata Sister of Jane and Collin.
Lover of Activities, Food and Sport
Who feels Happy when playing Sport, Excited when its a special occasion and Relaxed when I hear Music.
Who has been to Samoa, Australia and places around NZ.
Who needs Friends and Laughter.
Who fears Heights and Cemeteries but Funerals most of all.
Who would someday want to play in the Women's 7's Team for NZ and travel the world.
Student At Pt England School.


This Presentation Tells you a bit more about ME!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Term 1 Learning Goal

Room 22 have been thinking about goals. These are my goals I hope you enjoy it.