Sunday, March 24, 2013

Auckland Blues

On Wednesday a few children from Pt England were given the opportunity to go down to the Tamaki Marist  Club . We were hand selected by Miss Va'afusuaga to go and learn some skills and drills with the Auckland Blues Team 2013.  It felt so surreal when they were standing right in front of us, we would quickly spark up a conversation and we just made the most of it.  I'd like to thank Miss Va'afusuaga for giving us the opportunity to go and experience this and hopefully we can do it again sometime soon.

Please click on the link and feel free to watch the Interview that I was in at the Auckland Blues days out.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Character Description about ' My Cousin Letusa'

Lanky, Tall, Slim and Scary well those are the main things that describe my , Goofy looking cousin ' Letusa'  He is quiet most times,  but when surrounded by  family loud is all you hear from him. Tusa is quite rough in ways and kind as well. Its fair to say that my cousin ( Tusa) is real competitive when it comes to sports but who isn' t right?  Tusa enjoys all physicial things and would rather train then to watch or play inside games.  Kick boxing is the main sport in Tusa's life he trains nearly every single minute of the day to prefect his skills you can tell from the moment he starts training that he is very passionate and very serious about what he is going to be in the future. He looks up to people who compete in the UFC ( Ultimate Fighting Championship ).  I've known my cousin nearly all my life  and the one thing I know for sure is that we sure do love our sports, As we were growing up we played in the same Rugby League Team for ' Otahuhu '  we  played for the club for a  few years  then we went our separate ways and now we are both doing totally diffrent things . I really do wish him the best  with his kick boxing and hopefully he will make it his profession oneday.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Alan Duff!

Alan Duff, is a unique man. He was the author of the book ' Once Were Warriors '.  It was an honour for us have him visit our school and to hear him talk about why he was inspired to write books. He had mentioned that nearly all of his books we based on personal experience , The book ' Once Were Warriors' became a Movie and if you have seen it the life style back then was very rough and that's the background Alan Duff grew up in.

Id like to take this moment to say thank you to Alan Duff for visiting our school and for telling us that you can do anything and become anything when you grow up. Alan Duff was raised up in Rotorua.

Character Description

Short wavy hair, medium brown skin, short [same height], positive attitude towards learning these are the main things that describe my good friend Mary Loseli.
MaryL is funny. Whenever she cracks a joke we all start laughing our best and it usually lasts for a long period of time until the joke is officially dry. She is very intelligent , my personal opinion and what I love the most about Mary is that she is very respectful and unique in her own way.
Mary and I are interested in same things but I’m more on the physical side and she likes things along the lines of, Cooking , Eating, Sleeping, and Chilling with her mates.
Screaming, Laughing if you hear those two things then you know for sure its MaryL.  I do not  think there has ever been a day that she has not giggled or not Screamed at Morning Tea./

Simile and Metaphor

We have been learning the differences with , Similes and Metaphors

Monday, March 11, 2013


What do I know? I know my multiplication and division.
About what I'm learning? I am learning to measure different sources
Do I understand? I do understand the task that I am recently working on.
What I don't get? I do not get the task when you have to add fractions together.

Black Ferns Here I Come..( RUGBY)

Freedom is all I feel when I play rugby, but for me personally I take all my anger mixed with a little Enthusiasm  and that's the emotion I feel when I tackle people on the field, Good sportsmanship is the key to winning if you have good sportsmanship everyone is a winner.  

It doesn't matter if you are not experienced and haven’t played rugby before, you just need to focus on the position you have been given and just play your position right and you will  fit in just like the rest.

I love rugby its one of the key sports in my life, My dream is to make it a  profession and maybe one day play for the Women's Rugby Union Team ( Black Ferns) .


I was really nervous as the hooter had blown for our first game to start. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Writing Sample 2013

This morning we all completed out first Writing Sample for 2013. I have posted it just as I wrote it in the 40 minuted that we were given, so that throughout this year I will be able to look back and reflect on the progress I have made in writing, I will post my Learning goals from this soon.........

It was a very exhausting day at training,  but awfully strange as it felt like someone was watching me but from a far distance. . I stood on the court looking very curious I didn’t think it was that serious so I just walked away and totally forgot about it.

The next training nothing but cool breezes flowing past, with complete silence.  But as soon as I stepped onto  the court there it was that same feeling , the only difference was it seemed to be getting closer and closer. “ Can you feel that Ata?? “ .. “ Feel What ” she said, “ That cold breeze its like someones right here!! “ i said   “ Don’t be silly ” she replied.   

So i went home that night just sitting on the couch watching tv like every school kid does, I flipped the channel to channel 3 and the news was on, the latest update was that a Lady who coached netball had passed away i checked the location and it happened to be the school right next to mine.. I thought to myself ,” OMG she must be the person who is always watching me? “ But i wasn’t too sure if it was or not i needed proof..

The next day , I ran out onto the court waiting , as time went by nothing had happened nothing at all. “ Come On Jaylee, training is over.” Ata said “ I walked away feeling stupid “ I knew it was too good to be true “ i said, “ What’s too good to be true” Ata Replied! “ Nothing just forget about it, “  The rest of our training sessions were all the same..  That cold breeze hadn’t come by in a while just light winds and sun showers.

Today was the big game we were hosting Holy Cross at our school for the final.
2 minutes left but we were down by one , Ata had intercepted the ball and passed it straight down to me looking up at the hoop I wasn’t sure which way to shoot it even though i had been practicing every week..  I was just about to let the ball go until the cold breeze came past I gazed off into another world and thats where I meet my good friend Aroha she was the coach who had recently passed away, she gave me some tips for shooting she said, “ Concentrate and focus then push with all your power and you will get it in”.

That was the winning goal and we were known as the ‘ Auckland Champ’s’ We  all cheered with excitement and we had a good celebration, But i couldn’t have done it without my good friend ‘ Aroha ‘ thanks to her awesome shooting tips, Rest easy my friend.