Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I have Achieve This Term?

This term I have achieved learning new things such as things about statistics, Mean median, mode and all the rest. I feel that I have achieved alot this term and hopefully achieve alot more next term.

I would like to thank Athena Villi for checking my work.

Friday, March 23, 2012

My MihiMihi

Kia Ora,

Ko Taupiri te Maunga
Ko Tamaki te Awa
Ko Pt England te Kura
Ko Mr Harris toku Kaiako
Ko Johnny toku Matua
Ko Timmi toku whaea
No Samoa Ahau
E tekau ma lua Oku tau
Ko Jaylee Toku Ingoa.

No Reira Tenakou To Tenakou To Tenakou To Ka Toa

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dear Camp Helpers

Dear Camp Helpers ,

Thank you for helping us at camp, because without your help this camp would not be possible.
You were like a life saver because if you hadn't given up your time we would not have eaten drink en or even watched a movie and all sorts so I would just like to say thank you to all and everyone who helped us have the best camp ever!!!!!!

Kind Regards
Jaylee Nouata

In The weekend

This weekend me and my family are planning on going to the poly fest to support my cousins and uncles who are performing on Saturday.

We are also planning on going to see my grandparents out in Manurewa.

I am so excited I can Hardly wait!!!

Get Well Mr Harris!!!!

Dear, Mr Harris

Your lying around like your old self, But before you know it you will be up and about.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Camp Reflection

WOW!!! I thought The best experience of camp today was being able to travel together as a team to complete the set of instructions given to us by, Mrs Lagitupu and Mr Barks. The activity was called The Amazing Race. It was about a groups of 5 or more traveling to different places to earn a lot of points for our team,Team respect

We also had another activity called box fit. It was mainly about boxing learning the basics like Left Hook, Right Hook and Uppercut. Our instructors were really supportive correcting our mistakes and also being really positive and making it a really fun thing to do.

I actually thought that the old school games were really really cool, It was like every game played had a certain meaning towards everything you did during it. Our Leaders Seini-Mino and Cruz are very positive they stick with us even if we win or loose and they encourage us to do our best.

I had a very great time today at camp and I cant wait until next year